Instead of trying to 'keep up' with trends, we were making our own…

In the summer of 2012, while volunteering on a community arts project, Clodagh happened upon a fellow kindred spirit called Janet. As fate would have it, they found themselves on the same post-graduate course later that year, where Janet decided she wanted to throw a swap shop party in her living room & that is exactly what we did! Clodagh immediately jumped on board, as she had hosted swap shops throughout college while studying textile design. They invited different friends to bring their favourite old clothes to swap in Janet's living room. We sorted the items like by like and with our grab-bags in hand & ready to fill, all at once we went 1, 2, 3....SWAP! It was so much fun that we kept hosting Swapsies in each others houses over the next few years. Instead of trying to 'keep up' with trends, we were making our own and we kept in line with the actual seasons: winter -spring -summer-autumn. So these four annual swap shops, refreshed not only our closets but our spirits!

Fast forward to 2017 -  Janet is loving life living in San Francisco, meanwhile Clodagh has started to find her voice working in the environmental sector in Dublin. Her friend Claudia encouraged her to take Swapsies public, while setting up a library of things (where she met lovely Katie) So as part of reuse month, Swapsies had it's public debut in a local co-op in Dublin's Newmarket square. This event was kindly supported by the local waste authority & with many helping hands - we managed to pull it off & have fun in the process by recreating the living room atmosphere as best we could. what we loved most from the event was meeting incredible new people who were not only like-minded, but they also shared a similar set of values when it came to how we consume & care for our clothes.